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Amnesia Haze Auto

Amnesia Haze Auto

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Amnesia Haze Auto Cannabis Seeds at Head Happy

Strain Overview: Amnesia Haze Auto is a sensational addition to Barney's Farm's offerings. This strain represents the long-awaited and much-anticipated evolution of a true classic in the cannabis world.

Sensory Profile: The genetic heritage of AMNESIA HAZE is truly awe-inspiring. It blends landraces from Southeast Asia, including Thai, Cambodian, and Laotian strains, with a sprinkle of Jamaican Haze varieties, all enhanced by the potency of Afghani – Hawaiian genetics.

Nearly two decades ago, Soma generously shared one of his finest AMNESIA HAZE phenotypes with the Barneys Farm Labs. These legendary genetics, which have dominated the Amsterdam scene since Barney's victory in the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2004, have undergone a complex fusion with our BF Super Auto #1, quietly evolving in the background.

Amnesia Haze Auto is a highly productive sativa-dominant hybrid with rapid growth attributed to its Sativa lineage. It can reach impressive heights, up to 150cm, boasting extensive, densely packed, olive-green flowering structures adorned with abundant orange hairs.

As one would expect from its illustrious lineage, Amnesia Haze Auto exudes an intense blend of earthy aromas complemented by distinct notes of lemons and citrus, making it an unmistakable classic.

The most prevalent terpenes in Amnesia Haze Auto's unique fusion include caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene, contributing to its sensory profile.

Cultivation Details: Cultivating Amnesia Haze Auto is a rewarding endeavor. Given its Sativa heritage, this strain tends to grow taller than most autoflowering varieties. To achieve optimal results, provide ample light, quality soil, and ensure proper air circulation, particularly during the flowering stage. Pruning lower branches can have a positive impact on growth structure and yields. Indoor growers may consider techniques like lollypopping, while outdoor cultivation may involve topping for optimal results.

Therapeutic Applications: Beyond its recreational appeal, Amnesia Haze Auto may offer therapeutic benefits. With its balanced Sativa-Indica genetics, it has the potential to provide relief from various symptoms and conditions, including pain, stress, and more. Users may experience a sense of well-being and relaxation with this potent strain.

Compliance Reminder: Please remember that in Scotland, our cannabis seeds are sold strictly as collectible souvenirs. Cultivating cannabis may be illegal in your region. Always ensure compliance with your local laws and regulations.

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