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Collection: CBD Tea

Introducing Functional Weed: Legal Hemp Flower with High CBD Content and No Psychoactive Effects

Experience the best of legal hemp with our selection of functional weed, meticulously cultivated for its high CBD content and lack of psychoactive effects. At Head Happy, we embrace the therapeutic properties of hemp flower, offering a range of strains that provide an ideal cannabis experience without the intoxicating effects.

Unleash the Power of CBD:
Functional weed represents a new era in cannabis consumption, where the focus is on the benefits of CBD. Our carefully selected hemp flower strains boast high levels of CBD, allowing you to tap into the plant's potential for relaxation, stress relief, and overall wellness. Embrace the calming and soothing effects that CBD provides, without the cognitive impairment associated with THC.

Legal and Non-Psychoactive:
Our functional weed adheres to legal regulations, ensuring that the THC content remains within approved limits. This means you can enjoy the benefits of CBD-rich hemp flower without experiencing the traditional "high" associated with recreational cannabis. With functional weed, you can elevate your cannabis experience while maintaining a clear and focused mind.

Versatility and Enjoyment:
Functional weed offers versatility in its usage. Whether you prefer smoking, vaporizing, or incorporating hemp flower into your favorite recipes, our selection allows you to explore different consumption methods. Delight in the array of flavors and aromas that each strain offers, enhancing your overall sensory experience.

Discover the Potential of Functional Weed:
Step into a world where the high CBD content and absence of psychoactive effects make functional weed an ideal choice for cannabis enthusiasts seeking the therapeutic benefits of hemp. Embrace the natural properties of CBD, explore different strains, and unlock the potential of functional weed at Head Happy. Elevate your cannabis experience while maintaining a clear and balanced lifestyle.