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Collection: Tobacco Free Blunt Wrap

Welcome to a New Era of Smoking with Head Happy's Tobacco-Free Blunt Wraps

Head Happy is thrilled to introduce our diverse collection of tobacco-free blunt wraps, all thoughtfully selected with the aim of providing you with a safer and more enjoyable smoking experience.

Our innovative range of blunt wraps is crafted from a variety of natural materials such as hemp leaf, banana leaf, and palm leaf. We also offer an intriguing goji berry option for those seeking a unique flavour profile. Each wrap promises a unique, distinctive experience that elevates your smoking sessions to an entirely new level.

Our hemp leaf wraps are spun from pure, organic hemp, delivering a smooth, slow-burning smoke with a subtle, earthy undertone. For those who crave a tropical twist, our banana leaf wraps offer a naturally sweet and aromatic smoking experience.

Our palm leaf wraps are a truly exquisite option, adding a touch of exotic elegance to your sessions. Crafted from the finest selection of palm leaves, they deliver a cool, smooth smoke that’s an absolute delight to the senses.

The goji berry wraps are a novelty in the market, blending the benefits of natural wraps with the vibrant, sweet-tart flavour of goji berries. They're a flavourful twist on the traditional blunt wrap that's sure to delight adventurous smokers.

At Head Happy, we're continuously exploring and expanding our selection based on your feedback, wants, and desires. We're committed to enriching your smoking experience while prioritising your health and safety. Remember, smoking responsibly is key to enjoying the benefits these wraps have to offer.

We invite you to explore and enjoy our range of tobacco-free blunt wraps. Experience the Head Happy difference today, and join us as we redefine the art of smoking.