Collection: Tobacco Blunts and Wraps

Introducing Tobacco Blunts and Wraps: A Superior Smoking Experience

Welcome to the impressive world of tobacco blunts and wraps. Here at Head Happy, we recognise the value these elements add to any smoker's repertoire, and we've curated an exceptional collection to suit a wide range of tastes and preferences.

From the convenience of pre-rolled blunts to the ritual of hand-rolling with tobacco wraps, we cater to the discerning smoker seeking quality and satisfaction. We proudly stock prominent brands such as Cyclone and Backwoods, synonymous with excellence and a robust smoking experience.

Cyclone, famed for their pre-rolled cone blunts, offer a hassle-free smoking experience. These wraps, made from natural tobacco leaf, burn slowly and consistently, complementing your chosen herb perfectly. Meanwhile, Backwoods provides an authentic, rustic experience with their all-natural tobacco leaf wraps. Each wrap is known for its unique shape, robust flavour, and lingering burn, making every smoking session an indulgent experience.

We at Head Happy, beyond providing an array of smoking essentials, are also committed to promoting responsible use and spreading awareness about potential health risks. Smoking tobacco, even in the form of wraps and blunts, is associated with health risks, including respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, and it is vital to be aware of these risks.

Remember, responsible use is key. Always pace your usage, be aware of your intake, and avoid sharing with others to prevent the spread of germs. Enjoy your smoking experience in moderation and in a safe environment.

So, explore the Head Happy range, select the blunt or wrap that suits your style and palate, and enhance your smoking sessions responsibly and with knowledge. Enjoy the elevated smoking experiences that our high-quality tobacco blunts and wraps can offer.