Collection: Regular

Regular Cannabis Seeds: Authentic Genetics for True Collectors

The Essence of Regular Seeds

Regular Cannabis seeds are the most natural form of Cannabis genetics, capable of producing both male and female plants. These seeds are indispensable for genetic purists and collectors who wish to explore the plant's natural breeding potential.

Adherence to Legal Standards

Head Happy ensures that all our regular seeds are sold in compliance with UK laws, for the purpose of collection and genetic preservation only. Our collection features strains such as:

  • Landrace Genetics - Hindu Kush: A pure Indica variety from the storied mountain range, offering deep roots in Cannabis heritage.
  • Dutch Passion - CBD Kush: Catering to those interested in the therapeutic potential of CBD, this strain offers intriguing possibilities for collectors.

In each category, Head Happy provides aficionados with the opportunity to own a piece of Cannabis history and genetics, within the confines of UK legal practices. Our collections are curated to celebrate the diversity and intricacy of Cannabis strains, ensuring that every seed tells its own unique story.