Collection: Feminized

Feminized Cannabis Seeds: Genetic Excellence within Legal Boundaries

Understanding Feminized Seeds

Feminized Cannabis seeds are a product of genetic selection that ensures the growth of female plants exclusively. These seeds are a cornerstone for collectors aiming to maintain a lineage without the variability of male chromosomes, promising a collection of uniform and stable genetics.

Compliance with UK Law

We adhere strictly to UK legislation, which allows the sale of Cannabis seeds as collectibles or for genetic conservation. Our Feminized seed offerings include:

  • Barney's Farm - Amnesia Haze Auto: A high-THC, Sativa-dominant strain that represents the quintessence of Haze genetics.
  • Sensi Seeds - Big Bud: A strain known for its significant yield potential and Indica-dominant characteristics.

In each category, Head Happy provides aficionados with the opportunity to own a piece of Cannabis history and genetics, within the confines of UK legal practices. Our collections are curated to celebrate the diversity and intricacy of Cannabis strains, ensuring that every seed tells its own unique story.