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Collection: Blunt Wraps

Blunt Wraps: The Fusion of Tradition and Innovation at Head Happy

Embark on a thrilling voyage through time and explore the rich history and innovative future of blunt wraps, all in one destination - Head Happy.

Blunt wraps originate from the traditional practice of emptying a cigar of its loose-leaf tobacco and refilling it with cannabis. A method adored by many for its combined flavour of tobacco leaf and cannabis, it quickly became a popular choice among smokers around the globe. Today, the world of blunt wraps has evolved into a diverse landscape of materials and flavours, with something to suit every preference and lifestyle.

At Head Happy, we respect tradition whilst embracing innovation. We offer a growing selection of wraps that fuse the best of the old and the new. For our customers who yearn for the timeless, we have traditional tobacco blunt wraps, including the legendary Backwoods, a classic choice for a robust, satisfying smoke.

Meanwhile, we're also blazing a trail towards healthier options, including wraps made from a variety of natural, non-tobacco materials. Try the King Palm Palm Leaf Rolls for an ultra-smooth smoke, or the Banana Leaf for a taste of the tropics. For the adventurous, our Goji Berry wraps add an exotic twist, and our Hemp Leaf wraps offer an earthy, authentic smoking experience.

However, we understand that with pleasure, comes responsibility. The act of smoking, whether it's tobacco or alternative materials, carries inherent health risks. As your trusted partner in your smoking journey, we strongly advocate for responsible use. This includes moderating your intake, not sharing wraps, and ensuring you smoke in a safe and comfortable environment.

Whether you're an old hand looking for your classic favourites or a curious explorer searching for healthier alternatives, our expansive range of Head Happy blunt wraps has you covered. With or without tobacco, our selection promises to transform every smoking session into an immersive experience of indulgence and enjoyment.

Embrace the old, explore the new, and delve into a world of diverse smoking experiences with Head Happy. As we journey together, our range will continue to grow, driven by your desires, feedback, and our commitment to delivering nothing but the best. Your exploration begins here!