The 360 Degree Contactless Gravity Bong

The 360 Degree Contactless Gravity Bong

When I first watched a video about this product I really wasn't sure what to think, it seemed like Seth Rogen had been chosen based on his popularity as a Cannabis consumer but I was completely wrong.


Nearly 5 years after seeing this product shown online and with various designs now available, I was still reluctant to bring this product in store.  Anytime someone asked me about the bong, I would respond that I felt it was more of a gimmick than a functional Glass Waterpipe.

When the opportunity to purchase some and get involved in the market, I declined.

More months went by and the opportunity raised its head again and I caved.  I purchased 5 for the store.

We always test our products and this 360 Degree Bong was no different so we set this up for myself and the staff to test out over the next 2 months.

Instantly I fell in love with this glassware, what a difference from a standard waterpipe. 

Sharing with all the staff and using the contactless feature we found we were all able to get smooth hits one after the other making it perfect for parties and the function allows the Bong to be used multiple times before replacing water.

Going solo and using the whip with attached mouthpiece is fantastic for multiple rotation hits and has a great sounding magnetic attachment that is solid and keeps the tube in place while also making it easy to come apart meaning you won't pull your whole Waterpipe to the ground if you become entangled in the rubber tubing.

All said and done, I was completely wrong about this waterpipe being a gimmick and it is now one of my highest rated waterpipes.

Explanation Video

Campfire Video



SETH ROGEN Original Video

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