Tasty Puffs Flavoured Cones - 3 Packs

Tasty Puffs Flavoured Cones - 3 Packs

Flavoured Cones

These are the newest flavoured cones we have in store and they are more pungent than our entire Wall of Incense in store.  

Tasty puffs cones dundee cannabis store smoke shop headshop head happy scotland

As soon as you pop the top on this 3 pack of cones your senses will be overcome by the pungent flavours released from these Tasty Puffs and not only that but the tips are flavoured as well giving you some of the fruitiest flavours out there.

tasty puffs cones flavoured papers dundee scotland headshop head happy

Each cone is roughly 1 1/4 size making these perfect for on the go, they aren't too long but they are not too short either.

All you do is pack each cone with your chosen blend of herbs, we suggest trying Mint if you are wanting to steer clear of tobacco use.

Currently we have them in 3 different flavours but we are hoping to stock more in the future as they are getting very popular very fast.


Product Link - https://headhappy.co.uk/products/tasty-puffs-flavoured-cones-3-pack



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