Mellow Glass (David Bentham) Fumed Cones

Mellow Glass (David Bentham) Fumed Cones

I was able snap some photos on a recent walk past the V&A in Dundee next to the RRS Discovery, even spotted some customers and was able to explain, from a distance of course, the new delivery system we are working on with the store.

RSS Discovery, V&A Dundee

Here we have the last 3 pieces available from Mellow Glass, they should really be kept as a set <3 

These are absolutely gorgeous!


mellow glass, cbd, shatter, extract, rig

I cannot believe I actually get to see so much beautiful artwork and these fumed Cone Rigs from David Bentham at Mellow Glass are pretty spectacular especially as they move through various tones of light.

mellow glass, cbd, shatter, extract, rig

They come in at £400 a piece and we will include a Head Happy 10mm Banger in 45 or 90 degrees but I think they would be best kept all together, it would be a shame to split this trio up.

mellow glass, cbd, shatter, extract, rig

We also have a special carb cap that doesn't have any photo's just yet but look out for that in the near future.

These piece are Fumed which is a technique mastered by Bob Snodgrass in the 80s I believe(?)

I may be wrong on the date but what good Glassblowers do is essentially infuse precious metals like gold and silver into the glass which gives it an amazing glow in different kinds of light and as you use your piece.  

David placed 2nd in the European Functional Flame Off 2014 and then 3rd in 2016 so he's been around for a while now and know's a thing or 2 about functional so check out his Instagram page over at

mellow glass, cbd, shatter, extract, rig

They are available on the website now so check this link for details on purchasing this piece --> 

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