May the 4th be with you

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned veteran, having a good grinder can make a difference to your Cannabis consumption in so many ways.

There I was, just sat with my mates, watching a film - at the time this was our ritual, we would come home from the skatepark, skin up a few doobies and watch crazy shit on YouTube until slowly I was left alone for the last joint of the night before bed.

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On one of these occassions, as the ritual dictated, someone in the room had the rolling tray and it was their turn to skin up.  Not an entirely enviable task but with Rollers Rights it always meant that the roller gets first hit, no matter whose ganja they were using which is always fair enough as far as I am concerned.  

This particular day, deep in prohibition country, our supplier had run out of flowers, no pollen, no rocky and only had some soft black.  Generally, I don't mind soft black and I prefer rollers rights but to look up from the film only to see your mate put a massive lump of soft black into your plastic grinder is enough to make anyones heart stop beating - it was never the same again.

From plastic grinders to recycled hemp plastic and aliminium to ceramic, there are grinders out there for all uses.

I tend to find that with a good grinder I can crunch through herb bringing it to a perfect consistency, I can also store my herb in a grinder as well as collecting trichomes with some grinders but not all grinders are created equal.

Here we have the Diamond 50mm 4 piece grinders with trichome catching capabilities while producing an exceptional consistency, strong magnets, finger grips, sharp teeth and strong threads.

Grab one of these today at only £18/each.

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