LOBI By Kindpen review

LOBI By Kindpen review

I was keen to try out a simple and portable solution for an easy to use dabbing experience, Which led me to the LOBI vape pen.

LOBI is an uncomplicated wax pen by New Jersey-based brand KInd Pen which boasts a full quartz coil-less atomizer, 4 pre-set temperature settings, a glass mouthpiece, an LED indicator, adjustable airflow, and a 1200mAh battery.

With the specs out of the way, lets get into the review..

Unpackaging the pen i was greeted by a dab tool, spare atomiser, cleaning kit and instructions. The pen felt very solid and after a first charge I was ready to begin.

Operation of the pen was pleasingly simple with 2 modes to play with offering a hold button to heat or persistent heating choice. Starting off on the 550° setting and using some rosin I used the hold button mode and began to take draws. At first the performance seemed weak, then I shifted to the persistent heating mode and discovered the real power of the pen. There was no doubt of its efficiency as it supplied long satisfactory draws comparable to a dab rig. If anything it was too powerful. Exactly what I was looking for.

Next up I moved onto some choice shatter and noticed a further improvement in performance. The pen definitely seems to work quicker with solid matter. Upping the temperature to maximum setting was unnecessary throughout although when tested was very powerful. 

After a while i noticed that the atomiser is designed in such a way to allow a build up of smoke before use so i started pre heating before hitting it. This worked really well in guaranteeing a strong output and I would advise it to anyone who tries the LOBI.

In conclusion I found the pen to offer an extremely easy way to vape concentrates and will surely continue to use it. Its ideal for anyone who wants to have a dabbing style experience with minimal fuss. On top of the great performance the overall design is well done. offering very easy cleaning and adjustment with some nice touches like a replaceable glass mouthpiece and airflow control.

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