Kleaner Mouth Spray

Kleaner Mouth Spray

Kleaner Mouth Spray

"Kleaner is a new toxins cleaner which removes all traces of substances in the saliva and on the skin."

Tried and tested, this has been a great seller over the last few years doing exactly as it says on the bottle.

This product may falsify a drugs test like a mouth swab test so we don't suggest using it to deliberately falsify a drugs test in case you thought it might be a good idea which again, it is not.

We also suggest decanting this or removing the sticker just in case someone wants to take your Kleaner mouth spray without your permission, you've already got them fooled.

The Kleaner mouth spray is actually quite a versatile product as it can be used to remove traces of cannabinoids from your sweat as well.

This product will remain effective for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

The taste is extremely bitter but like we've said already, the Kleaner Mouth Spray just does it's job and protects your privacy.

Available online or in store from only £12 per bottle.



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