Head Happy New Year

Head Happy New Year

Here we go, well into 2021 now!



We have a whole bunch of new items in store, so check out these products and we'll move right into 2021 with the knowledge that we are going to do all we can to keep the shop safe, keep up with the online orders, maintain our high standards of service and product knowledge while you can remain safe with the knowledge that we are doing what we can to keep up with this very fast moving market.

Here are some of the latest products we have in store


1.) Head Happy Beanies

These have been keeping my hair out my face and my head warm since the beginning on winter, I was a few minutes late for a hair appointment at the end of the first lockdown in the UK.  These beanies have served a great dual purpose and at only £10 each, they are perfect for the coming months.


2.)2.5% 250mg CBD Oil with MCT 10ml Full Spectrum

Starting off with CBD can be really confusing so I have managed to create an oil that is better used as a starter oil that takes away the confusing choices and can also be used in a number of ways.  From holding under the tongue and getting the fast acting sublingual effects to being used topically with its coconut oil extract adding to the benefits of the Full Spectrum CBD Oil as well as having the ability to be swallowed for a longer lasting benefit with much greater Bio-Availability than a standard Hemp Oil.  Prices from £25 but look out for some serious discounts in the near future. 



3.)Head Happy Plastic Shark Tooth Grinder

They aren't perfect for all uses and don't last forever but I've created these with some strong acrylic and with careful use these should last some time and at only £3.50 each are a great price for the 54 Shark Tooth sharp teeth they include as well as the strong magnet and the storage compartment on the back.  This a really handy little piece of kit to add to your basket and everyone should own a shark tooth grinder anyway, they tear through all consistencies of flower.


Hopefully we will have Card payments back online again soon, we have had so many troubles with this over the years but hopefully in 2021 things may ease up in that department bu then again we have gone through Brexit so who knows what is going to happen next for all of us.

Staying positive and keeping

Head Happy New Year



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