Happy May Day 2020

Happy May Day 2020



I must first of all thank you all those whom have made the effort to start purchasing online, as much as I do enjoy your company, now is probably not the time for high fives and a coffee so I am really sorry about that but we will be back as soon as we are allowed to resume full hours.


At the moment, traffic is down in-store but the Dundee City Council are once again working closely with us to help manage through these tough times which is fantastic so fingers crossed, once this is over we will be back again in full swing until the goverment decides again what it wants to do with our Cannabis Laws.

New colour Head Happy mug

Here are a couple new products out right now, first check out the new Head Happy coffee mugs, the old ones still had the black leaf on it but I really wanted the gold leaf as it represents the trichomes of the plant, a lot of people's favourite part of the plant - don't be coy, I see you there.  These mugs are only £6 each right now but I really want to reduce that in the future, I'm just juggling suppliers more than I do bongs.



Next up the the embroidered Head Happy beanie, I can tell you from experience, don't put this in the tumble drier. I didn't do it on purpose but I do remember thinking, I'm sure it's not in there.  Then I put my Head Happy Hoodie (out soon) in the wash with my beanie and when I was running late, it was still in the hood when I put in the tumble drier. £15 each


Hope you all have a great day, it's 03:33 as I am finishing this blog and tomorrow I have to be up way earlier than I care to compute right now.

Cheers all


Head Happy

PS I still use the hat :D


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