420 Discount - 10% off all orders until 30/04/2020

420 Discount - 10% off all orders until 30/04/2020

420 all month..

Today is not normally a day I want to spend indoors but to protect human kind and just be that super warrior my teachers always said I would be, I'm going to live up to it all and do as little as possible as slowly as possible.


If you check out the Head Happy website and use the discount code HeadHappyDundee420 at the checkout then you can receive a 10% discount on all orders over £25 until the end of April 2020, useable up to 5 times per person.

Head Happy Dundee 420 Discount Code


The only items exempt are the items in the clearance section, speaking of which, don't forget to grab a deal before they are gone on the Santa Cruz Shredders.  The have slight scratches to the anodising but doesn't affect function at all.  

Let's hope we can all get out and enjoy some sunshine before summer leaves us before it has started.


If you love your extracts, you are going to love our new Head Banger quartz nails with 30ml diameter, extra height for better airflow and wider base for longer cooling times but at 3ml, it's thick enough to retain that heat for a while.


That's me pretty tired now, still riding the hiccups of the website but certainly getting there, keep checking back for deals and loads of other things coming in the near future,

Hope you all have a fantastic 420 and hopefully see you all soon


Head Happy

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