Fibonacci A1 Grinder Specs & Features Overview

Fibonacci A1 Grinder Specs & Features Overview


An elegant design that is compact, portable and pocket-sized.

Moving the bulky storage area longitudinally, makes the A1 Compact the worlds thinnest 4 piece herb grinder with a 2.44 Inch diameter and no compromise on functionality or storage volume.



Want to stand out? Then check out our bright and beautiful anodized color collection. A color to suit all preferences. Currently available in yellow, orange, blue, pink and green.



Say "HELLO" to the herb storage tray.

Glides out from grinder, making dispensing herbs a doddle. Want to keep herbs fresh for later? Storage lid (color component) is separate and magnetically connects to top of storage tray, locking herbs & odors within. Re-inserts into grinder for your next session.



Herbs are stored sideways to grinding compartment.

Featuring 4 Piece pollen collector functionality, with a large herb side storage tray. Which glides in / out magnetically, connected with a total of 16x neodymium magnets.



Stealthy! Flips out 180" from within grinder lid.

Ensuring an elegantly compact, high torque and buttery smooth herb grind. Connected to grinder lid via titanium axel & 4 Nano size neodymium magnets. When not in use, keeps hand crank locked in flush with grinder lid, even with vigorous lateral forces.



Ingenious mechanism allows the high volume storage area to be orientated sideways from stacked compartments.

Grinder lid and spinning wire nectar filter are connected via central axel. Utilizing centrifugal forces that spin processed herbs outwardly from center and longitudinally into the side storage tray. Complicated, yet simple!




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