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Storm Sapphire Vapouriser

Storm Sapphire Vapouriser

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Introducing the Sapphire by Storm: Your Compact, Power-Packed Companion

The Sapphire by Storm is a compact yet potent vaporiser designed for dry herbs, concentrates, and resins*. This pocket-friendly wonder might be petite in size and favourably priced, but it certainly doesn't compromise on performance. Anticipate impressive vapour clouds that pair perfectly with water tools through the optional water tool adaptor.

Born from the same creators of the hugely popular Storm Vaporizer Pen and Spirit Vaporizer, Sapphire was crafted to be a robust, straightforward, and user-friendly vaporiser. It's an excellent choice for those new to vaping as well as for seasoned vapers. With its straightforward one-button operation, you can select from five temperature settings ranging from 180°C to 220°C, heating up in less than a minute.

Experience Cool, Refreshing Hits

The Sapphire ensures your hits are consistently fresh and ultra-smooth, thanks to its innovative cooling mouthpiece made from ceramic zirconia. This clever feature dissipates the heat from the vapour before it reaches your lungs. The magnetic mouthpiece cap remains securely in place when not in use, allowing for easy loading of the chamber on the move. Simply fill it up with loosely-ground herbs, and you're all set.

Embrace Concentrates

The Sapphire comes equipped with a set of concentrate pads designed for full-melt extracts such as crystals, crumbles, and waxes. Traditional resins can be crumbled into the optional resin capsule (sold separately) for rich, full-flavoured hits.

Travel with Ease

With a vaping time of up to 80 minutes, thanks to the high-quality integrated battery, the Sapphire is also compatible with most USB power-banks, making it an excellent travel companion.

Technical Information

- Battery Life: 30-80 Minutes
- Battery: Integrated 18650
- Charger: Micro USB
- Heater: Conduction
- Temperature Range: 180°C-220°C
- Chamber size: 0.3-0.5g

What's in the box

- 1 x Sapphire Vaporiser
- 2 x Concentrate Pads
- 1 x Tweezers
- 1 x Cleaning Brush
- 1 x Stirring tool
- 1 x Screen set
- 1 x Spare mouthpiece gasket
- 1 x User Manual
- 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

*Resin use requires the optional resin capsule, sold separately.

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