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SMOKE TRAP+ Smoking Filtration System

SMOKE TRAP+ Smoking Filtration System

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1. Our rubber mouthpiece creates a SOFT and SNUG comfortable feel that is leakproof around the mouth.


2. Built with a durable design making it long lasting, Smoke Trap + lets you smoke when & where you want. 


3. The replacement cartridge system is easy to use. Simply twist the mouthpiece off & remove the old filter. Save money & the planet with our new 100% recyclable replacement filter cartridges.


4. Our new hydrophobic pre-filter screen captures moisture before getting into the filter which keeps the filter dry and longer lasting.


5. In addition, our upgraded HEPA filter and increased surface area, Smoke Trap + features a filter life of (500+ uses) and maximum air flow while exhaling.


Smoke Trap + is built for anyone who needs a longer lasting filter that isn't clogging up after a week of use. Simply exhale your smoke into the filter and watch clean, odorless air come out. 

After collecting feedback from customers the last few years, I realized that a lot of people needed something that could last longer & have easier air flow while exhaling.

I built Smoke Trap + with the sole purpose of making it the longest lasting smoke filter on the market with the easiest exhale. Period.

If you are someone who smokes frequently and needs to hide the smoke & smell from neighbors, friends, family or anyone else who doesn't like the smell, then Smoke Trap + is for you.

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