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Kleaner Mouth and Biohygiene Spray

Kleaner Mouth and Biohygiene Spray

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Kleaner Mouth Spray

 "Kleaner is a new toxins cleaner which removes all traces of substances in the saliva and on the skin.The drug Tests in saliva and sweat can be positive even after several days or weeks of consuming cannabis or other similar substance.

Sometimes, at the controls of drugs or intoxicants, there are committed injustices, because without having recently consumed any substance, they can give a "false positive", even after resting peacefully last night and without taking anything, so that security, for example in driving is unaffected.

Even so, the results of the test may be positive. Worried about failing a saliva test, having now for some time without using any drug product? The human body retains traces of toxins left by the consumption of certain substances, these substances may be present for a long time in body fluids such as blood, urine, sweat and saliva. Residual toxins in the saliva may give a positive test, considered as false positives due to residual toxins are detected, but these have the least effect estupefacciente.

Due to the increased number of police checks for drivers, a false positive can have disastrous consequences for many people.

Even after spending a full night's rest, and feeling perfectly fine for driving a vehicle, sweat and saliva can still test positive for anti-drug and inform timely consumption, which can be traced back to one day for some weeks. Although pateza person and any kind of effect, the tests may reveal a consumer has no effect on the organism in a while.

Tests have shown the immediate and efficient Product Starring enmasquarizador Kleaner as toxins.

Kleaner does not contain any chemical additive, therefore Kleaner is not dangerous, for those who eat by mouth even a high dose.


The product is applied ingesting 4 or 5 drops before riding in the car. Is recommended within half an hour before driving or arriving at the workplace. If impending control can ingest a larger quantity and keep the product circulating in the mouth before swallowing. The product has a very bitter taste, this drawback is normal, also serves to determine if the product has successfully permeated the entire mouth.

The effect of Kleaner is effective after 30 min taking it. In addition, this product doesn’t include chemical additives, preservatives or perfumes and is not dangerous if its taken orally unintentionally.


Ingredients: Water, Denatured Alcohol, Neem (Melia Azadirachta), Xanthan Gum Using Kleaner Spray:

Oral: squirt mouth 1-2 times and let it permeate everywhere Topically: squirt hands 2-3 times and clean the skin, rubbing well."

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