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Landrace Genetics

Kalat (10 Pack)

Kalat (10 Pack)

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Kalat at Head Happy

Strain Overview:

Introducing Kalat, a distinctive strain thoughtfully selected from prime phenotypes in the enchanting Kalat, Balochistan, by Ethnobotanical Researcher Landrace Warden. Kalat boasts a rich genetic background and offers a unique set of characteristics that set it apart.

Sensory Profile:

Kalat promises a sensory experience like no other. Its effects deliver a long-lasting, balanced high that promotes sociability and happiness. The flavor profile is a delightful fusion of creamy dairy-like notes complemented by the rich essence of roasted coffee beans. The aroma is equally intriguing, with complex hints of meatiness, Sulphur, robust phenols, and a subtle undertone of burnt rubber.

Cultivation Details:

Understanding how to cultivate Kalat is key to a successful growing experience. It is a strain that falls into the Indica category, presenting both narrow leaflet to broad leaflet variants. Most plants exhibit a predominantly green appearance, with some displaying striking purple variants. Kalat has a flowering period of 9-11 weeks, and proper care regarding light, nutrients, and growth patterns is essential for optimal results.

Therapeutic Applications:

The long-lasting and balanced high provided by Kalat may have potential therapeutic benefits. It is known for promoting sociability and happiness, making it a potential choice for those seeking to alleviate stress and enhance their overall mood.

Compliance Reminder:

We want to emphasize that, in compliance with Scottish regulations, our cannabis seeds are exclusively intended as collectible souvenirs. The germination of these seeds is illegal in the UK and most other countries. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to adhere to local legislation regarding cannabis cultivation and use.

Strain Details:

  • Strain Name: Kalat
  • Type: Indica, narrow leaflet to broad leaflet variants, mostly green with some purple variants
  • Flowering Time: 9-11 weeks
  • Location: Kalat, Balochistan
  • Effects: Long-lasting balanced high, very social and happy
  • Tasting Notes: Dairy-like creamy taste with a rich roasted coffee bean flavor
  • Aroma: Complex aroma, meaty, Sulphur, robust phenol with burnt rubber

Preserving Ancestral Cannabis Origin: Kalat is part of the Landrace Warden collection pack, meticulously curated to preserve Landrace and Heirloom Genetics, safeguard biodiversity, empower indigenous cultivation groups, and pay tribute to the custodians of ancestral cannabis heritage. Experience the essence of Kalat as a collectible souvenir, celebrating its rich heritage.

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