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Hemp Heroes Board Game

Hemp Heroes Board Game

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Hemp Heroes: Rule the Cannabis Realm, Strain by Strain

Step into the shoes of a cannabis mogul with Hemp Heroes, a cannabis-themed board game that infuses the fun elements of classic games with a vibrant cannabis spin. The game sports a colourful board, a set of playing cards, and authentic Cannabis Gram Money for a dash of realism. It ensures a rollicking time for up to 6 players, whether you're sober or enjoying a quality joint. Just remember, managing the bank might be a challenge for the game master under the latter conditions...

Once the Cannabis Bank distributes your starting cash, your journey begins with a roll of the dice. Landing on an unsold cannabis strain or coffeeshop gives you the opportunity to make a purchase. If a player lands on a property that belongs to another player, they must buy a certain quantity of cannabis as indicated on the owner's property card. The ultimate aim of Hemp Heroes is to monopolise all the cannabis strains from a company.

Raise the game by investing in CBD bottles once you own all strains from a company. Place these on your cannabis strains to significantly bump up the cost when opponents land on your property. Keep an eye out for Smokercards though! Drawing one could mean fortune or misfortune. You might even end up in jail, missing a few rounds or forced to bail yourself out.

Craft the right strategy, trust your luck, and soon enough, your competitors will find themselves out of stock. Are you the last player with cannabis in hand? Congratulations, you're the winner, the undisputed Hemp Hero!

Game Content:
• 1 Hemp Heroes game board
• 6 pawns
• 24 cannabis strains/coffeeshop property cards
• Cannabis Gram money
• 30 Smokercards
• 2 dice
• 30 Mister Maka CBD oil Tokens

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