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Cyclone - Hemp Cones + Dank 7 Tip Wonderberry (2 per pack)

Cyclone - Hemp Cones + Dank 7 Tip Wonderberry (2 per pack)

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Introducing Cyclone - Hemp Cones + Dank 7 Tip Wonderberry (2 per pack): Elevate Your Smoking Experience

Discover a new dimension in premium smoking with Cyclone's Hemp Cones, thoughtfully paired with the acclaimed Dank 7 Tip, in the tantalising Wonderberry flavour. Packaged in sets of two, these quality cones promise unforgettable smoking sessions, whether you're indulging alone or sharing the experience with friends.

Expertly crafted from pure hemp, these cones deliver a smooth, slow-burning smoke that appeals to both novices and experienced enthusiasts. The Wonderberry infusion adds a burst of fruity sweetness that takes the taste experience to a whole new level.

The standout feature of this pack, however, is the Dank 7 Tip. Known for their superior quality and performance, these reusable tips transform your smoking experience with enhanced airflow and a cooler draw. What sets them apart is the unique flavour infusion process: each tip is thoroughly soaked in flavour for a full seven days, resulting in a deeper, longer-lasting taste.

In addition to their flavour benefits, the Dank 7 Tips are a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious smokers, thanks to their reusability. The Cyclone Hemp Cones + Dank 7 Tip Wonderberry pack goes beyond the ordinary, offering a smoking experience that's synonymous with quality, flavour, and sustainability.

Dive into the premium offerings of Head Happy and redefine your smoking journey. Discover the extraordinary Wonderberry flavour today!
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