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Cyclone - Hemp Cones + Dank 7 Tip Sugar Cane (2 per pack)

Cyclone - Hemp Cones + Dank 7 Tip Sugar Cane (2 per pack)

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Introducing Cyclone - Hemp Cones + Dank 7 Tip Sugar Cane (2 per pack): A New Standard in Premium Smoking

Enhance your smoking sessions with the exquisite Cyclone Hemp Cones, cleverly paired with the much-celebrated Dank 7 Tip, all in the invitingly sweet Sugar Cane flavour. Delivered in packs of two, these superior cones serve as an ideal companion for personal enjoyment or shared moments of tranquillity.

These cones are expertly fashioned from pure hemp, promising a smooth, slow-burning smoke that captivates both newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts alike. Infused with the pleasant and comforting notes of sugar cane, they offer a uniquely delightful flavour profile that sets them apart.

However, the real pièce de résistance is the Dank 7 Tip. Renowned for their superior quality and performance, these reusable tips revolutionise your smoking experience by ensuring enhanced airflow and a cooler draw. But what really distinguishes them is the flavour infusion process: each tip is dipped and soaked in flavour for an incredible seven days, culminating in a richer and longer-lasting taste experience.

Plus, their reusability makes them a sustainable choice for the environmentally-conscious smoker. The Cyclone Hemp Cones + Dank 7 Tip Sugar Cane pack elevates smoking from a mere habit to an indulgent experience, setting a new benchmark for quality and flavour.

Dive into this premium offering from Head Happy and redefine your smoking journey. Experience the extraordinary difference today!
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