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SMOKE TRAP+ Pack Of Three Replacement Filters

SMOKE TRAP+ Pack Of Three Replacement Filters

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  • Introducing The Smoke Trap + Replacement Filter Cartridges:

    - **Eco-Conscious Choice:** Crafted with environmental mindfulness, these cartridges are 100% recyclable.


  • - **Superior Longevity:** Designed for extended use, each cartridge provides over 500 uses.


  • - **Advanced Hydrophobic Screen:** Prevents moisture build-up, further enhancing the filter's lifespan


  • - **Value Pack:** Opt for our bundle of 3 cartridges for added savings


  • - **Cutting-Edge Filtration:** Features a 4-stage HEPA combined with an Activated Coconut Carbon Filter, ensuring effective elimination of smoke and odors.
  • - **Tailored for Duration:** Specifically crafted for those seeking a durable personal air filter solution.

    **Effortless Replacement:** To install a fresh cartridge, simply twist the mouthpiece off your Smoke Trap +, replace the old filter with a new one, and reassemble. Experience the peak efficiency and prolonged performance of the industry's leading personal air filter.

    *Please note: These cartridges are exclusively compatible with Smoke Trap +.*
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