Collection: Autoflowering


Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds: The Pinnacle of Convenience and Compliance

About Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering Cannabis seeds are a marvel of breeding, offering growers and collectors the simplicity of a plant that flowers automatically, regardless of light cycle changes. These seeds are especially valued for their hardy nature and swift growth cycle, making them a fascinating subject for genetic collectors and Cannabis connoisseurs alike.

Legal Perspective

As per UK law, Head Happy offers these seeds for ornamental purposes and genetic preservation. We comply with the legal stipulations by selling these seeds with the strict understanding they are not for germination or cultivation. Our Autoflowering selection showcases strains like:

  • Kera Seeds - Auto Crazy Bud: A hybrid with a moderate THC level and a quick flowering period, perfect for those appreciating rapid growth genetics.
  • Sensi Research - Banana Kush Cake Auto: This strain brings together the delight of Banana Kush with the robustness of an autoflowering variety.

In each category, Head Happy provides aficionados with the opportunity to own a piece of Cannabis history and genetics, within the confines of UK legal practices. Our collections are curated to celebrate the diversity and intricacy of Cannabis strains, ensuring that every seed tells its own unique story.